For the most effective use of our Order Forms, please follow the steps below:

Clothing Order Form:

  1. Print order form.
  2. Fill out "checks payable to" and contact information.
  3. Write in, where appropriate, the color of each garment. Note: If there is a type of garment on the form that you are NOT interested in ordering, black out that row with a Sharpie or black marker before copying.
  4. For the most accurate pricing, contact us and we can work up a quote for you. Or you can fill out our "Quick Quote"  Request form and we will email your customized price quote. Once you receive pricing, fill out that section on the form.
  5. Once you have double-checked the "Clothing Order Form" photocopy and distribute to your team/group.
  6. Collect all "Clothing Order Forms" by the selected date from your team/group and use the "Master Order Form" to tally and summarize all of the individual orders. This is the sheet you will submit to us as your final order!
Standard Order Form

Standard Order Form

Personalized Order Form:

Use this form when you would like to offer personalized garments such as t-shirts with individual player names and numbers on the back. Follow the same steps listed above for filling out the "Clothing Order Form." However, just be sure that all "Personalized Order Forms" are COMPLETELY filled out and are submitted to us with the "Master Order Form." 

Personalized Order Form

Personalized Order Form

Master Order Form:

This form is to be filled out after you have collected all of the individual "Clothing Order Forms" from your team/group members. You will submit this form to us as your final order!

  1. Fill out the "Master Order Form" using the tallied amounts from the individual "Clothing Order Forms."
  2. Make sure all of your contact information at the top of the page is filled out and accurate, as well as the design information.
  3. Submit your order!
Master Order Form

Master Order Form